You likely don't really bat your eye anytime you hear of Japan's newest mascot. After all, in recent years we've seen cutesy mascots made out of enemas and the poop of famously loyal dog Hachiko. While Seiri-chan (Period-chan) is actually an award-winning manga super hero (originally a web comic), her features are definitely related to the amalgamation of inspirations that go into making a Japanese mascot.

Source: PR Times

Seiri-chan is a heart shaped pink creature with a white cross nose and big red lips. Once a month, she visits women characters in the manga and injects them with a comically large syringe, draining them of blood and leaving them extremely tired and in crippling pain. However, Seiri-chan also provides emotional support and life advice, such as relieving and reassuring a woman who slept with a coworker who refused to use a condom.

Seiri-chan also employs a technique called the "menstrual punch", which she uses on a woman whose boss in unsympathetic to her work difficulties when on her period. In the trailer below, Seiri-chan uses the menstrual punch on the boss after the woman exclaims "Even if it was just once a year, I wish men could experience this pain!". The menstrual punch causes the man to have a period as a result.

The trailer is worth it on its own just for the image of a girl carrying a giant humanized period on her back to get through the day, but here's the plot: Aoko (Fumi Nikaido), who works in the editorial department of a women's fashion magazine struggles through work and love life with the weight of her period. Seiri-chan, even when causing he stress, always helps her through troubled times. Riho (Sairi Ito), who works as a cleaning lady in Aoko's office, has given up on her dreams of family life (she's upset that her father and new girlfriend constantly have sex despite her mother only being deceased for two years) and resorts to being an internet troll. Seiri-chan visits her with a helping, period, as well!

Fortunately, it seems through Seiri-chan's problematic presence, the two seem to start to find the seeds of success and love life (Seiri-chan tells them "I think it's about time you stop cursing yourself."). The last seen features a guest appearance by what appears to be a new character--Libido-kun, who is shooed off by a boy who claims he didn't summon him, despite Libido-kun's protests that he heard him calling his name.

The movie is being billed as a way of understanding the physical and mental stress women have to put up with, as well people confronting their physiology. It comes out November 8th, 2019 in Japan.

By - Big Neko.