There's been quite a few ways for One Piece fans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the mega-popular anime and manga series this year, including Chopper-motif traditional Japanese sweets and an all new menu at Tokyo Tower's Strawhat Cafe. Now they can do so while enjoying traditional Japanese glass art with these fancy One Piece character-themed Edo Kiriko glasses!

Edo kiriko (Edo (Tokyo's old name) cut glass) is an art-form that allows for intricately designed patterns and beautiful colors in glassware. This style translates well into the goal of the project, which is to create four different beautifully patterned Edo Kiriko glasses inspired by four of One Piece's most popular characters--Luffy, Shanks, Ace, and Law, representing each sea. Each glass features the character's Jolly Roger, as well as expertly crafted images unique to the adventures of each character.

Luffy (Azure Route)

Luffy's glass pattern is inspired by the rough blue waves of the New World, and features the classic Straw Hats Pirates Jolly Roger.

Shanks (Crimson Scar)

The pattern is inspired by the scars on Shanks face, and is a deep red inspired by his hair and moniker.

Ace (Orange Flame Requiem)

A bright orange flame-colored by Ace's devil fruit, and a pattern meant to reflect his strong will.

Law (Amber ROOM)

Law's pattern is inspired by his ability to manipulate space with a semi-circle dome and is a deep Amber color.

Each glass comes in a special commemorative box as well.

At the moment, the glasses are only available for order within Japan from Premico as a set for 29,800 yen.

By - Big Neko.