Many in Japan were disappointed to learn after the fact that web media group Supermarket Kakamu stole the show at a Bread Festival by setting up a giant bread bed display which guests happily used to stage deliciously comfortable photo-shoots. Fortunately, those that missed out on their dream of napping on a giant slice of shokupan (fluffy white bread, usually served as breakfast toast), will have another crack at things as the group is displaying the bread bed again, this time at a bread festival in Tokyo's Akihabara neighborhood.

The oversized bread bed will once again be on display, this time at a "local bread festival" in Tokyo that allows guests to sample regional baked specialties from all over the country, including Shimane prefecture's rose bread and Shiga prefecture's salad bread.

Of course, returning are cucumber and tomato cushions and mayonnaise pajamas, as well as a setup to recreate pizza toast--a popular Japanese comfort food. Supermarket Kakamu is encouraging festival attendees to take a picture of themselves napping on their toasty bed for social media fun.

In practice, it looks pretty hard to get out of once you've made yourself comfy.

If you'd like to take a commemorative photo of yourself lounging on a giant piece of toast with veggie cushions and mayo pajamas, head over to the "Local Bread Festival" at Tokyo during the event--and get yourself some tasty bread to boot!

"Local bread festival"

Event period: September 14th (Sat)-16th (Sat)

Time: 11: 00pm-20: 00pm

Venue: Japan Department Store Shokuhinkan

Address: 8-2 CHABARA in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

By - Big Neko.