With Gudetama, Pikachu, and sakura flavors, McDonald's McFlurry seems to be one of the perfect dessert templates for Japan's love of seasonal limited edition shakeups.

McDonald's Japan's newest entry in their McFlurry lineup puts a spin on a traditional Japanese dessert, shiratama ("white balls"), which are are small, sweet mochi dumplings.

It may be easier to just point at the menu than say the name of the the new McFlurry, however, which is "McFlurry Custard, we tried topping it with shiratama". The name supposedly reflects the over-a-year-long experimentation McDonald's Japan conducted to create it, however, claiming that they encountered problems such as the shiratama clumping together or being camouflaged in the ice cream. McDonald's Japan claims they've solved all their issues in a delicious way, coating each shiratama in a rich custard sauce that transforms the mochi dumplings into golden orbs, then topping them off with a crunchy layer of corn flakes.

Here's a comparison of how shiratama appear in the traditional Japanese dessert anmitsu vs. their golden appearance in the new McFlurry.

The new custardy mochi dumpling shiratama McFlurry will go on sale for 320 yen at McDonald's throughout Japan on September 4th.

By - Big Neko.