It's very unlikely you'll ever run out of options in Japan if you're looking to try a new style of ramen. With everything from pink Hello Kitty ramen to terrifying Piranha Ramen, there's bound to be a bowl of noodles for everyone. For the truly ravenous ramen slurper, however, there may be no better end to the night than a hard and heavy bowl of Bankara's new "Strong Ramen".

These days, you can't browse the aisle of a convenience store in Japan without seeing the word "STRONG" somewhere. Originally used to denote chu-hi (canned alcoholic beverages) with higher alcohol content, the word is now used on just about any potato chip, soda, candy, or even ice cream that packs an "extra" dosage of flavor. Bankara appears to be the first ramen chain embracing the term, and they're doing so with an overwhelming version of their already notoriously rich and thick pork bone broth tonkotsu ramen.

Mounds of vegetables, garlic, and even grease can be added onto the noodle behemoth for free (a regular Strong Ramen is 860 yen, and the photos shown above contain no extra toppings), but other overpowering variations can be ordered for few hundred yen.

Of course, you can add eggs, delicious braised pork, and even a giant slab of braised pork to top off your ramen...

Or you can order the "Mega Braised Pork Strong MAX" (clocking in at 1,660 yen) and say farewell to hunger (and pants that fit you) for the rest of your life.

If you feel you're ready to slurp up what looks to be one of Japan's most daunting bowls of ramen, head to any of Bankara's locations (most are in Tokyo) starting September 10th.

By - Big Neko.