Unless you're Japan's cosplay and wrestling-loving muscle idol Reika Saiki, you may not be used to squeals of "so cute!" and "awww" when you're flexing your muscles. Japanese bodybuilding representative and silver medalist BIGKILLER (@bigkiller0118), however, gets it all the time. That's because his workout buddies and bodybuilder pose practice partners are a group of parakeets and a hamster!

Whether @bigkiller0118 is getting in a workout or practicing his posing, he makes sure to get his feathered friends and hamster in on the fitness fun. Because of that he's adopted the moniker of "ripped and fluffy" bodybuilder, winning over fans on social media with his amazing physique and care for his cute pets.

He even teamed up with them for the bottle cap challenge.

Feeding and flexing time!

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By - Big Neko.