Source: PR Times

Coca-Cola Japan Introduces Apple Coke For Fall

Whether you're seeking out gorgeously designed sakura label bottles or knocking back the world's first peach-flavored Coke, Coca-Cola Japan's ever-changing seasonal offerings have something for you. This fall proves to be no different with another "first ever"--Apple flavored Coke!

The new Coca-Cola Apple's tagline in advertisements is "the fragrance of apples is the reward of fall", and the drink was made with hopes of bottling the taste of the fall season. A press release describes the Coca-Cola Apple as having a "luxurious taste" that combines a rich apple flavor with that of classic Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Japan says that the seasonal release is also very easy to drink, particularly for those who normally don't enjoy carbonated drinks.

Although not quite as striking as the plum blossom and kimono design, the new Apple Coke does feature a new gold label with fizzy apples that you can't miss at the drink corner of supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan, where it'll be available starting September 16th. Those in Japan may want to pair them with spooky purple chocolate Halloween Apple Pie Kit-Kats!

By - Big Neko.