On September 2nd, 2019, entertainment contents company GLAPentertainment Co., Ltd. and film, theater and event production company Terrace Side Co., Ltd. launched a new Instagram magazine combining sneakers and gravure* photography.

[Gravure, pronounced gurabia グラビア in Japanese, refers to a Japanese genre of photography centered on glamour photography but also including more casual and candid shots of models, and idols. The term originates from the gravure printing process used to print magazines like Heibon Punch (1964-88) and GORO (1974-92) which popularized the genre in the 1960s and 70s.]

According to their press release, Grasne グラスニ , a portmanteau of the words gravure and sneakers, "aims to be a fashion account with gravure elements which shows off the appeal of sneakers. We'd like to create a kakkokawaii (cute and cool) sneaker magazine which women would like to read and aspire to."

First cover girl Mariya Nagao

The first cover girl of the magazine is former AKB48 member Mariya Nagao 永尾まりや. Currently enjoying a career as an actress, Nagao has made many gravure appearances thus far, and has in excess of 600,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter. Since she's also an avid sneaker fan, she was excited to be a part of this project.

In her own words, Nagao added: "I was surprised to see there are so many unique sneakers out there! Some with see-through parts, all kinds of designs (...) I'm glad I was born in this generation of the sneaker boom. They're not only easy to walk in (lol) but since I usually like to dress casually, they're perfect for me (...) I'll always have love for sneakers!"

Promotional film by Hiroshi Shinagawa

To promote the new magazine, Grasne hired film director, screenwriter and comedian Hiroshi Shinagawa 品川ヒロシ to create a short film on the vertical format film service 「タテムビ」(Tatemubi). Shinagawa directed the hit film "Drop" (2009), which earned an impressive 1.95 billion JPY (17.5 million USD). The film stars Kaede Aono 青野楓, an actress and model with a black belt in karate.

If you'd like to see more, follow Grasne on Instagram.

By - Ben K.