Japanese Twitter user and hamster lover @mamekomu_20's Twitter account seems to capture the daily cute adventures of their two hamsters, Omame-chan and Komugi-chan. As is often the case, however, it's the unexpected adventures that end up being the most memorable. @mamekomu_20 writes in this popular Tweet that when they were simply goofing around on their phone while charging it, they suddenly sensed that something was amiss, only to look down and realize that Komugi-chan was apparently attempting to practice pull-ups on the cable with an action movie star grip!

Komugi-chan almost seems disappointed when she gets down from the cable, but her hamster brain quickly moves her on to other things in an adorable sequence. @mamekomu_20 clarifies in a later Tweet that they make sure to not leave cables unattended to under desks, as well as curtains (hamsters have a habit of climbing), and they happened to be in the room at the time of the struggle. Remember to keep an eye on your hamsters--you'll keep them safe and also catch them getting up to cute hi-jinks like this!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.