Some of the most impressive felt art we've seen from Japan has been on a larger scale, such as the service that creates giant replicas of your pet's head to wear. Yuko Sakuda of yucoco cafe (@yucococafe, however, packs all the quality and cute into strap-sized miniatures of cats, hedgehogs, and shiba inu that any animal lover would be dying to have as a phone strap.

One of Sakuda's most popular items is a series of cats that look as if they are being picked up by the scruff of their necks--so popular in fact, it's been turned into an actual capsule toy in Japan.

The cat straps have been released as a capsule toy in certain capsule machines around Japan in a collaboration with Qualia, and perfectly capture the quirky but charming nature of yucoco cafe creations with a hanging tail, dangling arms, and resigned kitty face. For more awesome and adorable felt creations, follow @yucococafe on Twitter!

By - Big Neko.