Although it is also sold internationally, the micro-sized building block toy Nanoblock is a popular gift among travelers to Japan, especially the kits featuring famous Japanese landmarks such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Station, the Kaminarimon gate in Asakusa and Himeji Castle, Japanese art and culture such as bonsai, carp streamers, or hina dolls, and Japanese food such as ramen and yakitori.

Nanoblock's CharaNano Series

Nanoblock also has a special character-based collection called CharaNano, in which they have released such well-known characters as Godzilla, Ultraman and his foes, Hatsune Miku as well as Pikachu and many other Pokémon.

With the exception of Chiko from Chiko-Chan Will Scold You, however, anime characters in the CharaNano series have so far only included classics such as Doraemon and his friends, Conan from Case Closed, and characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion like Eva Unit 1.

Chara-Ani and Nanoblock Collaborate on Rem & Ram

Now, in a special collaboration between Nanoblocks and anime merchandising company and Kadokawa subsidiary Chara-Ani, everyone's favorite demon maid twin sisters Rem & Ram from popular anime series Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World are getting their own micro block treatment.

Nanoblock CharaNano Rem & Ram will be sold on the twins' birthday, February 2nd, 2020. However, reservations have already begun on the Chara-Ani website.

The twins have their signature blue and pink hair with bangs covering half of their face, decorated with a ribbon, and topped with a headband. Naturally, both of them are wearing their maid outfits.

Let's get a closer look:

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World CharaNano Rem

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World CharaNano Ram

Back View

Wh..What are you looking at, Subaru-kun?

Product Details

  • Product name (JP): キャラナノ Re:ZERO レム / キャラナノ Re:ZEROラム
  • Product name (EN): CharaNano Re:ZERO Rem / CharaNano Re:ZERO Ram
  • Price: 2,000 JPY (excl. tax)
  • Types: 2 (Rem / Ram)
  • Goes on sale February 2nd, 2020
  • Pre-order available from September 12th, 2019
  • Size: Rem (approx.) W 53 mm (2.1") H 85 mm (3.3") D 45 mm (1.8") / Ram (approx.) W 57 mm (2.2") H 84 mm (3.3") D 46 mm (1.8")
  • Material: ABS, MABS
  • Recommended for ages: 12 and up
  • Supplier: Kawada Co., Ltd.
  • Distributor: Chara-Ani Co., Ltd.
  • Pre-order website: Chara-Ani

Note: Chara-Ani only delivers to Japanese addresses, so you will need to use a service such as Tenso or ask a friend or acquaintance living here in order to have your purchased goods forwarded to you outside of Japan.

By - Ben K.