When browsing the catalog of items available at Japanese oddity shop Village Vanguard, you'll notice that there seems to be a theme of turning everyday items and accessories into cute and quirky animals. Whether it's otter teabags, cat tail incense stands, or super realistic cat and dog head pillows, the eccentric bookstore has animal lovers covered.

Now it looks like hamster fans have their turn with a new lineup of puffy cheek and wiggly butt hamster stands to hold your stationery and even personal hanko seals at your desk.

One figure is shaped perfectly to hold a personal hanko seal/stamp, and even recreates the image of a hamster stuffing its never-ending cheek adorably. Although, much like a hamster's cheek, the stand can hold a number of things even if you don't use a hanko.

Another stand is a hamster playfully rolling over on its back, with paws ready to clasp onto notes and memos for you.

If you're going to set your phone down, why not do it with a pillowy hamster butt facing you?

Just make sure the pen stand doesn't chew up your pencil.

The hamster stands are currently available for order at Village Vanguard's online store (Japanese shipping only).

By - Big Neko.