Suzuki Coffee from Niigata Prefecture

Founded in 1963, Suzuki Coffee is one of the most well-known coffee roasters and purveyors in Niigata Prefecture.

Snow Room Aging

Yukimuro 雪室 or "snow room" aging is a technique passed down for generations in the snowy regions of Japan. Snow fallen in winter is packed tightly and made into a natural refrigerator which remains intact all year long. Unlike electric refrigerators, the humidity and temperature remains constant (at 100% humidity and freezing point temperature), thereby preventing the breakdown of cells, warding off dehydration, and retaining freshness.

Making Nagomi

Carefully selected coffee beans are matured in snow rooms in this traditional Japanese method, creating a mild, enjoyable taste. The packaging expresses the image of Japan, making it a perfect gift for visitors to enjoy.

Nagomi can be purchased online at Suzuki Coffee and delivered to your hotel room when you visit Japan. If you happen to visit Niigata Prefecture, you can also purchase it at one of Suzuki Coffees shops.

Nagomi will be available in its new packaging from October. Please look for it online here.

Please note that Suzuki Coffee's online shop only delivers to Japanese addresses, so you will need to use a forwarding service to have it delivered directly abroad.

By - Ben K.