If you're a fan of Japan's kawaii aesthetic, you'll have no problem finding cuteness in anything from Chicago deep dish pizza to adorable poop museums when traveling the country. Now memorial art maker Ohnoya is making sure that kawaii reaches into the afterlife with their new set of egg-shaped urns that come with their own backpack.

The fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand urns are part of Ohnoya's Soul Petit Pot series, and have been given a fittingly cute name of "Popo". The series was originally first released in 2018 as a means of offering urns not associated with antique imagery. Ohonoya has added new colors to the lineup, citing Popo's popularity due to its portability and simple design that allows it to also be stored traditionally. Each Popo comes with a bag that contains a small space for a photo or message commemorating loved ones.

Despite the cutesy and colorful appearance, Popo makes use of brass used in Buddhist altar equipment, but at only 70 grams is a lightweight keepsake. They are sold throughout Japan at Ohnoya Memorial Art stores as well as Ohonoya's online shop for 12,000 yen in ten different colors.

By - Big Neko.