Garigarikun is a popular brand of Japanese popsicle made by Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd. which is famous for three reasons: 1. the standard soda flavor is available everywhere in Japan. 2. It only costs 70 JPY (0.65 USD) and 3. New flavors come out almost every month.

Within the category of new flavors, Garigarikun has created special "high-end" versions called "Otona no Garigarikun" (Adult Garigarikun) and "Garigarikun Rich" which sometimes feature unusual and eccentric flavors like "corn chowder." Among these, the "Neapolitan spaghetti" flavored version with bits of tomato jelly probably attracted the most attention for its outlandishness.

Now, a new flavor is coming out which may just rival it: rolled omelet flavor.

Tamagoyaki Flavor Garigarikun Rich

Tamagoyaki 卵焼きis a popular Japanese dish. It's essentially thin omelet slices made of egg, soy sauce, mirin sweet rice wine and sugar, which are then layered or rolled then cut into slices to serve.

And now that's being turned into a popsicle:

Easy Mode: Sprinkle with soy sauce powder

To create an interesting texture, they used a tamagoyaki flavored sherbet loaded with crunchy bits of shaved ice which has the taste of flavored egg.

If that's not exciting enough, there's more: The subtle flavor of soy sauce is provided by a packet of soy sauce powder which you sprinkle on top to create an additional taste sensation.

Hard Mode: Real soy sauce or ketchup

In their promotional materials, Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd. challenges more adventurous popsicle eaters to drizzle some real soy sauce on top or even add ketchup, a common topping for omelets in Japan:

Are you up for the challenge?

Availability and Details

Tamagoyaki Flavor Garigarikun Rich comes out on October 1st and will be available in convenience stores, supermarkets and everywhere else iced treats are sold in Japan.

  • Price: 140 JPY (excl. tax)
  • Category: lacto-ice (iced milk)
  • Volume: 100 ml
  • Energy: 120 kcal
  • Protein: 1.7 g
  • Carbohydrates: 4.6 g
  • Salt equivalent: 0.29 g
  • Allergens: wheat, dairy, egg, soy

For more information, see the product page on Akagi Nyugyo's website here.

By - Ben K.