In Japan, any item you can think of has been gloriously reborn as awesome Pokemon merchandise. This even includes make up, and the official line has been so cutely designed that even adult fans wouldn't be ashamed to whip some out of their cosmetics bag in public.

Previously we have been treated to adorable sets featuring Snorlax and Jigglypuff, but these new additions to the line have been redesigned with sweet pastel colouring and featuring some new characters.

This time Pokemon have reached into their repertoire of beloved creatures to pull out four fan favourites to adorn the packaging of the cosmetics, which have been created to make the perfect gift for make-up wearing Pokemon trainers.

The ever popular Pikachu and Eevee have both appeared previously, but this time we also get to see two pink Pocket Monsters, Mew and Slowpoke, add their charms to the mix.

The super cute pressed powders don’t just come in adorable cases, they also have practical qualities to help you overcome any skin worries. Each one has a different coloured subtle tinge within the powder to target particular problems. For example, Eevee’s mint green tones should hide any redness, while Slowpoke’s yellow hue will help with under-eye circles and other dark spots. The powders are also designed to be kind to the skin and are enriched with various minerals as well as collagen.

The second type of make up, the cream blushes, come in a handy and adorable tube, making touch-ups on the go easy. The pastel colour packaging emblazoned with cute Pokemon faces should delight any lover of the kawaii side of Pokemon.

Each of the four Pokemon also have hand creams which come in individual scents. Pikachu is pink bouquet, Eevee is oriental lime, Slowpoke is cherry blossom and Mew's cream is pure soap.

There's even character sheet masks to complete the set. The charming aesthetics of the new cosmetics line make them a wonderful present for any Pokemon fan, or a perfect souvenir from a trip to Japan.

The whole line, including previous releases, is listed on Lovisia along with prices. The cosmetics can be found in various stores all over Japan.

By - Jess.