Floresta Doughnuts, a chain which specialises in organic doughnuts, have become known for their super cute animal shaped treats. The shop originally started in Nara and, due to its popularity, spread throughout Kansai and even further to the whole of Japan, with branches throughout the country.

But just when you thought their creature creations couldn’t get any cuter, they’ve now teamed up with one of the leading companies in kawaii, Sanrio. The creators of Hello Kitty and Gudetama have lent the likeness of two other beloved characters for some seasonal offerings this autumn.

Throughout October, the spookiest month of the year, you’ll be able to get your claws on some ‘Halloween Sanrio Collab Donuts’ at select branches of Floresta.

There will be two donuts available, one of which has an adorable strawberry chocolate flavoured My Melody head poking out of the middle. The normally super sweet My Melody is Hello Kitty’s best friend, but here she’s been spooked up with a witch’s hat atop her head and a coating coloured purple by sweet potato flavour chocolate. As is usual for Floresta, no artificial colouring has been used, and Melody’s ears have been created with almonds so the whole thing is edible.

Kuromi, My Melody’s rival doesn’t really need any costume since she’s always been a bit of a wild one. Her face is made from milk chocolate, her ears are almonds and blueberries, and she sits in the same seasonally appropriate purple sweet potato coating.

The doughnuts cost 450 yen each (not including tax) and each one is carefully made by hand so there are only limited amounts available.

Check out Floresta’s website for a full list of shops where the doughnuts can be bought!

By - Jess.