Last year the inner part of the Venn Diagram of Final Fantasy fans and fried chicken lovers (one in the same?) let us hit a limit break with Final Fantasy fried chicken, but now Japanese convenience store Family Mart is dropping a One Winged Angel on us with steamed Moogle Buns and a new flavor of Final Fantasy chicken!

Starting October 14th, Final Fantasy fans in Japan can get Kupo Nut Pokechiki--which apparently when introduced in the real world is BBQ flavor.

The moogle meat bun is a mix of pork, chicken, onions, mushroom and bamboo shoots, and will be available along with the fried chicken from the hot food corner of Family Mart in Japan. Just try and not have too much guilt biting into it...

The promotion runs until November 4th, giving fans plenty of time to fill their limit break meter.

By - Big Neko.