The ranks of Japanese online retailer Felissimo’s YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) keeps expanding with adorably quirky goods, whether it be squishy shiba inu marshmallows or relaxing capybara pillow cases.

Hamster fans needn't feel left out, however, as Felissimo has released a new adorable tissue box cover, designed with hamsters huddled around the tissue dispenser, inviting you to pinch their squeezable cheeks and butts.

See? Irresitable!

The squishy hamster plushies attached to the tissue box cover are modeled after the particularly small Roborovski dwarf hamster. To create the image of a group of hamster buddies napping together, different hamster "models" were used for each plushie.

The cover uses a curly fabric to recreate the sawdust in a hamster cage.

The tissue box covers are currently available for order from Felissimo's online shop in Japan for 3,132 yen, and should shortly be made available on Felissimo's international order site as well.

By - Big Neko.