Earlier this year, when Japan's Finance Ministry announced new official designs for the 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000-yen bills, Japanese illustrator, manga artist, and shiba inu enthusiast @PonkichiM proposed an adorable alternative in the form of this awesome shiba inu 1,000 yen banknote that made waves on Twitter.

Source: @PonkichiM

Now the talented illustrator has followed up with mame shiba ("mame shiba inu" means "bean shiba inu" in Japanese, a reference to the breed's small size), or miniature shiba inu banknote. Since the note uses miniature shiba inu as a motif, it's appropriately only worht 500 yen this time.

Source: @PonkichiM

The kanji 日本銀行 (Bank of Japan) has been replaced with 日本豆柴銀行 (Mame Shiba Bank of Japan), and features Japanese Wegela and Asebi (and evergreen bush) along with a mini shiba pup paw print seal to give the note a very official tone.

Due to the design's popularity, entertainment product company Space Factory is collaborating with @PonkichiM is turning the mame shiba inu illustration into a lineup of adorable products, as they did with the original illustration.

The lineup of miniature shiba inu bill goods includes:

Memo pads

Key holders

Commuter pass holders


Face towels

Smartphone cases

And ticket cases.

The lineup of goods will be on sale starting in November from their online shop. Otherwise be sure to follow @PonkichiM for more wonderful illustrations!

By - Big Neko.