On the night of September 1st 21-year-old Ena Matsuoka, a member of the Japanese idol group Tenshi Tsukinukeni Yomi, was attacked by a obsessive fan outside her Tokyo home. In custody, the fan has revealed that he was able to track down the idol singer's home location by analyzing selfies she uploaded to social media and zooming in on her eyes.

The assailant, 26-year-old Hibiki Sato, told authorities that he was able to identify Matsuoka's local station based on scenery reflected in her eyes in selfies she posted online, and then matching it to a street using Google Maps Street View, NHK reports. Sato says he was also able to estimate the location of her room by observing the positioning of curtains and lighting in videos Matsuoka uploaded to social media.

Sato followed her home from her station after waiting for her, and as she reached her door grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with a towel. He then dragged her away to a dark corner and groped her, causing injury to her face in the process. He admitted to the assault after being arrested on September 17th, and stated he was a big fan of Matsuoka.

By - Big Neko.