It’s not often that you get to see a range of candy apples besides the classic one and maybe a chocolate one too if you’re lucky, so it’s exciting to see this Tokyo Hotel’s Halloween sweets event go above and beyond.

These ‘poisonous’ apples made by witches are all inspired by various types of nefarious magic, and the hotel themselves invite you to decide which sort of spell you’d like to cast by choosing one of the four.

But there’s another trick afoot, in that these apples are not apples at all, but beautifully designed cakes crafted to mimic the seasonally apt fruit. Each one has a completely different taste depending on which spell it was inspired by.

There’s four to choose from and each one costs 700 yen, so what type of sorcerer or sorceress would you like to be?

Sleep Holic, which, in the tradition of Snow White, represents the power to send someone into an eerily deep sleep is a black tea infused chocolate mousse with apple pieces and caramel compote trapped inside.

If you cast Thrill Holic, a two-tier mousse of green apple and honey which hides lemon inside, you can make someone so excited that their heart will dance uncontrollably.

Trick Holic is for those that want both a trick and a treat. This mischievous blackcurrant and chestnut mousse is coated with almond and pistachio nuts, the perfect autumn combination.

Love Holic can seduce someone into an inescapable love. A fragrant rare cheesecake flavoured with raspberry and rose.

These and other magical treats can be found at the Prince Hotel in Shinagawa, in their Mauna Kea Coffee Lounge on the second floor, until 31st October. Check their website for more information.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.