If you like to travel, a neck pillow is something you've probably invested in or considered buying at one time or another.

Even if you already have one, this new neck pillow now on sale at the Village Vaguard Online Store may be worth your while, especially if you like Japan.

While it looks like a conventional neck pillow with a handsome Japanese pattern...

...if you undo the zipper and flip it inside out...

...it turns into a Daruma cushion!

We tried it on a recent Shinkansen trip and it was very comfortable

It makes a great souvenir of Japan which you can use as a cushion or just as a decoration for your home. The Daruma doll is considered a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement in Japan.


The Daruma neck pillow comes in three varieties:

Red: shippō pattern

The shippō 七宝 (seven treasures) pattern symbolizes the unending chain of expansion of harmony and peace.

Black: uroko pattern

Meaning "scales", uroko 鱗 is a simple black-and-white triangle check pattern which is elegant and bold.

Grey: ume pattern

The most subtle pattern of the three, this pillow features Japanese plum blossoms ume 梅 on a solid grey background.

The Daruma neck pillow / cushion is available for 1,980 JPY (excl. tax) at the Village Vanguard Online Store.

Note: Village Vanguard Online Store only delivers to Japanese addresses, so you'll need to use a forwarding service such as Tenso to have it delivered abroad. Alternatively, you could look for this product on other online retailers. For example, it is available through Rakuten Global Market which will deliver it to you abroad.

By - Ben K.