Sweets and Halloween go hand in hand, and the month of the terrifying, treat-demanding holiday has finally crept up on us.

Traditional Japanese sweets, known collectively as ‘wagashi’ aren’t the kind of candy that instantly come to mind when we think of Halloween, but the creativity involved in the presentation actually makes them the perfect treat to help keep away those nasty tricks!

Tabemasu, the company behind cute convenience store character wagashi (like these cherry blossom Rilakkuma) are claiming to have made a Halloween version of their sweet creations... but that makes no sense. The adorable Sanrio character, Rilakkuma, seems like the worst possible candidate for Halloween high-jinks… how could such a cute little bear ever scare anyone? Well you’re all in for a shock...

We did warn you. Absolutely haunting.

The sweet bear Rilakkuma and his adorable friend Korilakkuma, have been transformed into terrifying pumpkin headed beasts for Halloween and autumn.

These creepy wagashi are made of nerikiri, a type of traditional Japanese sweet which is made using a white bean paste and mochi dough. It can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes, so it is often used to create aesthetically pleasing and impressive confections.

It’s not just the exterior though, the interior hides a delicious and seasonally apt secret. Rilakkuma’s insides are made of pumpkin pudding flavoured sweet bean paste, and Korilakkuma’s bean paste innards are flavoured like maple syrup.

If you can bear to seek out these creepy confections, they can be currently found in Lawson convenience stores for 280 yen.

By - Jess.