One of the latest trends in bubble tea is to replace the classic tapioca balls with ‘taroimo’ ones. Taro root, sweet potato and purple sweet potato are steamed and made into soft balls, squishy just like tapioca, while providing a subtle sweetness.

Aside from their deliciousness and unusual texture, one look at this picture and you can see that these sweet potato toppings are the perfect colour scheme for Halloween. Sweet potato is also a autumn food in Japan making them even more seasonally appropriate.

Shonpy, a shop that boasts some of the most kawaii bubble tea in Tokyo, are making use of this lucky coincidence with new special Halloween and autumn themed drinks coming to their store this month.

Shonpy's super cute pastel drinks come in adorable bear shaped bottles, which can be filled with autumn flavours that go perfectly with the taroimo bubbles.

For example, a pretty lavender coloured sweet potato milk.

A standard Halloween flavour, pumpkin milk.

And a chestnut milk, reminiscent of the dessert mont blanc.

These autumn flavours are all well and good, but during the season of the spook, we want to see something creepy to really get into the spirit of things.

Luckily, Shonpy have that covered too.

Their cute bears dug deep in their Halloween costume box to produce these scary looks. You wouldn’t even recognise them. They even have some suggestions from Shonpy about which drink to choose to make it the most Instagrammable.

Mwa ha ha! This Dracula bear is filled with lychee juice and edible glitter.

A glittery lemon soda for the pretty but ghostly bear bride.

Time to get a bit more gory, with this bloody bandage covered bear mummy.

Shonpy have a few branches in Tokyo, in Harajuku, Roppongi, and now even a pop-up store in Ginza. So check it out for the spookiest but cutest bubble tea in town, available until October 31st.

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By - Jess.