Japan is home to the cutest Pokemon merchandise, but just as popular with tourists, are Japan’s luxury beauty brands like Shu Uemura.

Now the two worlds are colliding. Even in the past, the high end Shu Uemura hasn't shied away from working with video game icons. They also previously released an adorable line with Super Mario to appeal to make-up loving gamers.

This season, the iconic cosmetic brand is collaborating with the enduring Pokemon series, for a special glittery holiday collection.

Pikachu’s cute appearance has enough charm to make it the perfect design to adorn cosmetics packaging. For this line-up, they created a spin-off character, a pretty make up wearing Pikachu, nicknamed ‘Pikashu’ in honour of the collaboration.

Shu Uemura’s social media showcases some of the eye looks you can create with the ‘thunder shock’ palette, from wearable to something a bit more shocking. A ‘statement yellow’ colour is even included among the colours, to make it undeniably Pikachu.

There’s also some cute animations showing our little friend Pikashu frolicking amongst the products.

The first round of releases will include sixteen products for eyes and lips. Then the second round will come bearing six more items such as blusher and accessories.

Such a collaboration was always bound to be wildly popular, so the preorders for both rounds have already finished. If you want to catch any of them (‘em all probably isn’t realistic…) you can to try your luck when they go on sale online or in store from November 1st in Japan, and various dates worldwide.

Shu Uemura Website

By - Jess.