Everyone’s favourite puffy, pink protagonist is back again for an adorable character cafe, this time down south in Fukuoka.

The rotund hero has been recreated in the cutest new dishes with plenty of references to other characters and motifs from the game that should thrill any fan of the series.

Japan’s Kirby Cafe Menu 2019

Some previous menu items have been revived, while others are brand new and even more adorable than the dishes we've seen before. Whispy Farm’s Curry: The Ultimate Choice is one making its return. The ultimate choice, of course, being which of the four ultimate spicy sauces you will choose to put on it.

The infamous open mouthed Kirby bowl (?) is back, and this time they’ve shoved in a tonkotsu ramen dog. An interesting choice…

Kirby’s hearty beef stew comes in an adorable Kirby mug and has some vegetables on the side.

Fighting baddies is hard work, so Kirby thinks you need double the carbs and double the meat in this burger and meat pasta set. But there’s vegetables too to keep it healthy. The pink bun is a sweet Kirby face.

The rosy-cheeked hero has dove straight into a cloud of dessert to look for something on this adorable sweets plate.

If you go to the second opening period in Hakata, you can bag yourself an exclusive Kirby mason jar when you order the Orange Woodland beverage.

The cafe is currently open for the first round until 4th November. After a revamp of the interior it will then return again from 14th November until 24th February 2020.

Check out the website for the full menu with prices, and to make a reservation if you're a Fukuoka-dwelling Kirby fanatic.

By - Jess.