If you'ever ever wanted to have a permanent blurry mosaic guarding your privates (perhaps inspired by a certain genre of video from Japan you may or may not have a hobby of watching), look no further, as a crowdfunding campaign has made your very niche dream into a reality. The fittingly named "MOZAIKU PANTS" appear to be on their way to do just that.

The mosaic motif underwear is actually the brainchild of the Maeda Design Office, led by former Nintendo designer Takashi Maeda. The current crowdfunding effort on Campfire (at the time of writing) has reached 78% of its goal, and so the stretchy and tactically blurry underwear are on a good pace for their release in winter with both men's and women's sizes.

Believe it or not, but the mosaic underwear was conceived with the intent of being featured at the Museum of Modern Art. That's why it's being released with an art book that shows the pants being worn in a variety of situations (available to patrons as a reward). The commercial release is slated for December following a press event in Japan, with the crowdfunding effort running until November 29.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.