Pokemon’s new video game, Sword and Shield, isn’t even out yet. But that hasn’t stopped the Pokemon Cafe from coming through and turning the instalment's cute starter Pokemon into eye-catching dishes for hungry fans to devour.

Recently the only permanent official Pokemon Cafe in the world, based in Tokyo, expanded to another branch in Osaka, making it even easier to visit and sample their awesome menu, which usually includes limited time only and seasonal dishes.

These Sword and Shield starter Pokemon themed treats fall into the limited time only category. Trainers can only catch them between 15th November 2019 and 17th January 2020. All three of the elemental starters are represented, and unlike the game, you can choose as many of them as you want!

Grookey, the stick-wielding grass Pokemon, makes an appearance as a green accompaniment to a piping hot stew. You can poke through the flakey pie crust lid with the Pokemon’s own stick.

If you eat Scorbunny’s meatballs in tomato sauce, you can gain all the blazing energy of this fiery rabbit Pokemon.

Although Sobble is known for looking a bit gloomy, at least in this dish he’s cracking a smile before you consume his delicious, sweet face. According to the description of this ‘Berry Berry Fruits Sandwich’, an evolution of sorts takes place when you pour the lemon sauce on the whipped cream.

Customers who order a beverage at the Pokemon cafe will also be treated to a random clear coaster that they can take home with them. The original designs each centre one of the new Galar region Pokemon, with a mystery sixth coaster which could be anything!

If you want to want to see your favourite starter recreated in tastiness, you'll need to reserve ahead online. Check the Pokemon Cafe's official website for the full menu and to book a table.

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By - Jess.