A must-visit for JRPG-lovers visiting Japan, the Square Enix cafe is reopening in Osaka.

So far it has been announced that the cafe will be open for two separate periods, both with a theme revolving around the latest Dragon Quest release, Dragon Quest 11 S, including an awesomely decorated (Slime-heavy) interior and amazing character-inspired menu.

The main protagonists make appearances in the menu items, as well as the ever-present Slimes. Yocchi are also well represented throughout the menu.

Like this Yocchi omelette rice floating in a demi-glace sauce.

Yocchi Village Pincho Garden.

And the Yocchi Nata de Coco drink.

Diners at the cafe will be gifted a lunch mat and coaster, with the design depending on which opening period they patronise. Those who book their table online will also get an additional original coaster.

Naturally, there’s plenty of exclusive goods to be bought at the cafe’s gift shop, especially designed for this Dragon Quest 11 S takeover.

There’s lots more items on the menu to be explored on the Square Enix Cafe website. You can also use the website to reserve a table in advance, which may be necessary depending on the popularity of the cafe.

The Dragon Quest takeover will take place from the opening day of 16th November until 27th December 2019 (with the second half starting from 7th December onwards).

While a taste of Dragon Quest is on the menu this time around, hopefully we will see more of Square Enix’s work, such as the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series, represented in food form in the future. Until then, Final Fantasy fans can try to get their hands on tickets to the first ever Final Fantasy musical...

By - Jess.