Chikuzen, Fukuoka is known for its annual harvest festival, where locals work together to construct awesome statues or "scare crows" out of harvested straw. Two years ago, the festival featured an impressive 10-meter straw Godzilla, but this year's massive structure may have set a new standard. Japanese Twitter user Natsu (@kurage52natsu21) posted photos that have anime fans excited for the festival, revealing a giant Space Battleship Yamato scarecrow!

This year's scarecrow is a straw-crafted recreation of the titular warship in iconic science fiction anime series Space Battleship Yamato that clocks in at 16.6 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 4.8 meters tall. At night, the LED light set up makes it appear as if the massive ship is cruising through space, but Natsu went again during the day time, which made the details stand out as even more impressive.

According to the festival's website, the awesome straw ship will be on display from November 2nd, 2019 until the middle of January, 2020.

By - Big Neko.