Although viewers in the US and other countries will have to wait until early 2020 to watch the anime version on Netflix, many manga fans outside of Japan are already hooked on Paru Itagaki's Beastars, the first two volumes of which have already been published by Viz Media with a third one coming out on November 19th.

Since it began to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion in 2016, the gripping series about a high school literally divided between predators and prey, as gained attention both at home and abroad, and has picked up many prizes along the way, most notably the new talent prize at the 22nd Osamu Tezuka Awards.

Now, fans who are visiting Tokyo or Osaka in December or January will have the opportunity to stop by Cherryton Butlers Cafe, where they can dine on menu items and pick up exclusive merchandise on the theme of the Beastars TV anime.

TV Anime Beastars x Animate Cafe Collaboration

Let's see what's on the menu at Cherryton Butlers Cafe:

Click or tap on the images below to see them in (slightly) larger format (Picture sizes as provided in official press release).

Cherryton Academy Cafeteria Carnivore Menu

  • Name (JP): チェリートン学園 食堂のごはん 肉食用
  • Pronunciation: cherīton gakuen shokudō no gohan nikushoku-yō
  • Translation: Cherryton Academy Cafeteria Carnivore Menu
  • Price: 980 JPY

Cherryton Academy Cafeteria Herbivore Menu

  • Name (JP): チェリートン学園 食堂のごはん 草食用
  • Pronunciation: cherīton gakuen shokudō no gohan sōshoku-yō
  • Translation: Cherryton Academy Cafeteria Herbivore Menu
  • Price: 980 JPY

Cherryton Tea Time

  • Name (JP): チェリートン・ティータイム
  • Pronunciation: cherīton tī taimu
  • Translation: Cherryton Tea Time
  • Price: 1,600 JPY

Leogi's Grey Ice Cream Float

  • Name (JP): レゴシのハイイロフロート
  • Pronunciation: regoshī no haiiro furōto
  • Translation: Leogi's Grey Ice Cream Float
  • Price: 600 JPY

Haru's Carrot Potage

  • Name (JP): ハルのキャロットポタージュ
  • Pronunciation: haru no kyarotto potāju
  • Translation: Haru's Carrot Potage
  • Price: 600 JPY

In addition, here are the other food, dessert and drink items revealed on the cafe's website:


  • 大型獣も満足ベジタブルカレー Vegetable curry to satisfy even large carnivores: 980 JPY
  • レゴシ自慢のたまごサンド Legosi's vaunted egg sandwich: 980 JPY
  • 焼きそば大盛りたまごトッピング Large serving of yakisoba with egg topping: 980 JPY


  • ハルの鉢植えケーキ Haru's potted plant cake: 800 JPY
  • 隕石祭の夜 Night of the Meteor Festival (dessert): 800 JPY


  • ルイのバニラミルクティー Louis' vanilla milk tea: 600 JPY
  • ジュノのクランベリーソーダ Juno's cranberry soda: 600 JPY
  • ビルのチョコバナナソーダ Bill's chocolate banana soda: 600 JPY
  • ゴウヒンのジャスミン茶 Gouhin's jasmine tea: 600 JPY
  • We are good cherry boys (Jack): 600 JPY
  • 栄養満点アリシェイク ant shake full of nutrition (Kibi): 600 JPY

Moreover, the website also reveals there will be a secret menu selection (裏メニュー ura menyū) which seems to play up the idea of carnivores' uninhibited desires. The menu includes the following:

  • 一噛みでいけよ 本能を刺激するサイコロステーキ Bite it at once: diced steak which stimulates your instincts: 1,100 JPY
  • 裏市のダイナー Black-market diner (chicken drumsticks with buttered rice): 980 JPY

Diners will also receive one of 9 exclusive coasters (chosen at random):

Collaboration Goods

Here are some of the collaboration goods you'll be able to buy at the cafe:

Big acrylic stand

Acrylic stands of Legosi and Louis: 1,600 JPY ea.

Trading paw button pins

All your favorite characters in a button pin: 700 JPY ea.

Legosi's Shippōchi (Legosi's Tail Pouch Bag)

Since the Japanese word for tail is shippo しっぽ, and the word for pouch bag is pōchi ポーチ, a shippōchi is pouch bag with a tail attached to it! Legosi's Shippōchi: 3,500 JPY

On the website, it's also apparent you'll be able to buy acrylic stand key chains (700 JPY) and a box of tea cookies (1,000 JPY), which comes with a bookmark card of Legosi or Louis.

Cafe Details

  • Dates: December 11th to January 13th
  • Locations: Animate Cafe Tokyo Akihabara and Osaka Nipponbashi
  • Reservations for December 11th to 15th: Online (until Nov. 27th 9 AM JST)
  • Admission after December 15th is first come first serve (no advance reservations)
  • Official website: Cherryton Butlers Cafe

By - Ben K.