Mister Donut’s Christmassy lineup of Pokemon inspired menu items have finally returned and appeared in stores all over Japan.

This year's campaign was teased last month, showing a glimpse of the new Pikachu themed doughnut. Turns out it's a banana chocolate coated French cruller called 'Pikachu's Tail' (180 yen without tax), with creamy custard sandwiched in the middle.

The lineup also includes the reappearing banana chocolate Pikachu-face doughnut (240 yen without tax), filled with whipped cream.

And this time, the Pokeball doughnut (180 yen without tax) has evolved into a ring doughnut with strawberry glaze and white chocolate.

But on top of these, a very new beverage is on the cards. Three bubble teas (590 yen each without tax) have also been revealed, representing the fresh new starters that feature in the latest Pokemon game in the series, Sword and Shield.

The Grookey offering is a muscat flavoured tapioca fizzy drink.

Scorbunny’s sparkling beverage comes in a fiery red with peach flavoured tapioca balls.

The usually forlorn Sobble seems to be enjoying a frolic in the icy winter season with his lychee flavoured tapioca and ramune syrup laced soda.

The festive theme carries on to the adorable exclusive merchandise which customers can acquire when purchasing certain doughnut sets (priced between 900 and 1300 yen).

As the campaign's holiday vibes foretell, these adorable menu items will only be around until towards the end of December, so you'll have to be fast if you want to catch them!

By - Jess.