We’re only two weeks into November but Starbucks Japan have wasted no time jumping straight onto the sleigh for this year's holiday season, with one festive beverage campaign already under their Christmas belts.

The Merry Strawberry Cake Frappuccino is currently bringing the Christmas cheer to the famous coffee chain’s Japanese branches, but another shiny new drink duo is about to take the reins.

Starbucks Japan's Second Dose of Christmas Beverage Cheer

Inspired by the sparkling illuminations and decorations that the season unequivocally brings, a nutty couple of beverages have been announced.

For those who like super sweet, icy beverages, cometh the Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino. Crunchy shortbread and festive roasted walnuts add some bite to a sweet and smooth white chocolate and hazelnut base. The whipped cream on top is adorned with three types of chocolate and some sparkly silver balls to remind you of the twinkling Christmas lights.

For those would rather warm themselves up with a hot beverage, Starbucks will also be on hand with the Nutty White Mocha, a flavoursome and fragrant chocolate and hazelnut coffee. Like the Frappuccino, the whipped cream top is treated like a Christmas tree, draped with chocolate ribbons and sprinkled with silver balls.

Starbucks believe these glimmering beverages are the perfect accompaniment to watching winter illuminations in the evening.

The two drinks will go on sale from 22nd November, giving lovers of both Starbucks and Christmas just over one month until the big day to consume some deliciously manufactured Christmas cheer.

By - Jess.