Yuzuki Ishikawa, a woman in her twenties was murdered this Friday, November 15th, at 9 p.m. The victim had knife wounds to various places on her body and she was found covered in blood near a building close to Niigata Station.

It is known that the victim, Yuzuki Ishizawa (石澤結月), was an employee at a restaurant in a building there. Unfortunately, after being taken to the hospital, she was declared dead due to the fatal stabbing. According to the police, the girl and the suspect knew each other and before the incident. It is possible they got into an argument which lead to the tragedy that happened thereafter.

The police was looking for Ryosuke Saito(齊藤涼介), a 25 year-old man from Saitama Prefecture, Ageo City, the main suspect of this case, and finally arrested him on Monday, November 18th. A witness confirmed that Saito was seen near the scene approximately three hours before the incident.

It appears that Saito was sitting on the steps, directly opposite to the building where the murder took place and he seemed to be staring in space. At some point, the suspect seemed to look into his bag.

The police retrieved a knife covered in blood from the scene and had been chasing his whereabouts until the 18th when they finally managed to arrest him after the staff from a convenience store saw someone who looked like the suspect and informed the police.

Ryosuke Saito confirmed the accusation saying “間違いありません”(machigai arimasen, "There is no mistake"), therefore he was charged for murdering Yuzuki Ishizawa.

By - cinnamonellie.