The ever popular teamLab’s permanent museum Borderless, filled with wondrous digital art installations, is located in the waterside area of Odaiba in Tokyo. While art buffs flock to the district to experience the collective’s individual brand of interactive art pieces, this festive season their signature style will be spilling out into a public space so that, in the true spirit of Christmas, everyone can enjoy it.

After receiving a good reception for the Christmas installation last year, they’re back again with their truly teamLab style Christmas tree in the middle of Venus Fort, the Odaiba shopping mall.

The mall itself is an interesting place to visit, with its surreal artificial sky ceiling and grand Venetian inspired interior, it’s the perfect setting for some captivating digital art.

The installation is made of illuminated spheres accumulated into a vague tree shape. Although many pieces of art come with a staunch ‘do not touch’ sign, a main feature of teamLab’s works is their interactivity. For 'The Tree of Resonating Colours of Life', onlookers can touch the illuminated spheres and affect the art for themselves. As one sphere is touched it changes colour and gives off a specific tone. This also influences the hue and tones of surrounding spheres, causing a chain reaction.

If you're after a relatively traditional festive vibe, Venus Fort’s yearly ‘Snow Wish’ illumination event will also be running in the fountain area (2nd floor) of the mall from 30th November to 25th December.

teamLab's tree will be set up in Venus Fort’s Olive Plaza (2nd floor) from 30th November to 1st March 2020, for a more alternative winter illumination.

By - Jess.