The iconic look of the Sailor Scouts, the main protagonists of classic magical girl anime and manga series Sailor Moon, is often emulated. Now fans can take their imitation even further and not just look like Sailor Moon, but smell like her too.

Sailor Moon cosmetics are often released in Japan, all with beautiful packaging inspired by the series itself (like the previous Princess Serenity and Black Lady themed lipsticks for example). For this new perfume, the bottle is based off one of Sailor Moon’s most recognisable items, the Moon Stick.

A majestic golden crescent moon and an opalescent silver crystal adorn the top of the bottle, and the sparkling pink lid is set with a glittering red jewel. The bottle itself is also a pretty translucent pink to complete the motif.

Just like the heroine herself, the scent is youthful and sweet with rosy floral tones. When the perfume is sprayed, the first notes to hit are blackberry, bergamot and mandarin.

For the middle notes, rose brings an elegant scent while jasmine and lily of the valley add a delicate and feminine feeling. The final notes add a sense of luxury with patchouli, vetiver, musk and sandalwood.

It’s just the right size to feel as though you’re wielding your own Moon Stick when spritzing yourself with the scent of a Sailor Scout.

The Moon Stick Perfume will be sold in Premium Bandai's online shop and can be pre-ordered now, although it won't actually be released until June next year. Until then you can always indulge in one of Japan's other Sailor Moon themed experiences like the Sailor Moon Show Restaurant which opened in Tokyo this year!

By - Jess.