Now that November has come, days in Japan are getting colder. Japanese fashion brand GU has come up with an innovative idea to keep us warm while still looking “oshare” (fashionable) during the chilly nights of Tokyo.

GU brings us the “Wool Blend Cocoon Coat” (ウールブレンドコクーンコート), a coat that appears to be very fancy and also comes with a very affordable price.

But before getting into more details about this stylish fashion item, for those of you who may not be that familiar with the Japanese brand mentioned above, let me start by saying a few words about this amazing company and its designs. GU has saved me a lot whenever I was looking for work clothes, a cute date outfit, etc. which I can actually afford.

GU: Modest prices, but stylish, casual outfits

GU is a Japanese retailer that has approximately 422 stores and offers discount casual clothes across Japan. It is quite a popular brand, even among foreigners, and is owned by none other than Fast Retailing, the same company behind Uniqlo, another retail chain in Japan.

GU comes out with different outfits every season in various colors and styles for both men and women, not to mention inexpensive, casual and good quality wear that will save you in many situations.

I usually buy Heat Tech products, sweaters, coats and boots before winter. I also love going there now and then to see if they have new outfits for sale or to buy myself a reward after a hard day at work. New clothes are always welcome, and every time I choose new items for my outfits, it simply lifts me up.

Back to their new wear for winter, GU now promises us...

The coat that makes your face look smaller

We all know that in countries like Korea and Japan, everyone seems to have a thing for “Kogao” (小顔), which literally means “small face.”

Therefore, women love going to treatments and buying makeup that promise to give you a “small face.” TV celebrities such Hirose Suzu, Kiritani Mirei, Kitagawa Keiko, etc. always get complimented for having small faces, which is one of the beauty marks in Japan, together with a skinny body and a light skin tone.

The new coat GU offers looks a bit on the large side, which is the reason why it creates this effect of a small face.

The coat has caught the attention of many women and numerous posts about it can be seen on social media. It comes in three colors: brown, green and navy, it’s very easy to match with many outfits and it costs only 5,990 yen.

Women in Japan say that it’s very adorable and perfect for the female silhouette as it fits the body very nicely and creates a cute and stylish image.

For those interested, definitely check it out. Meanwhile, I’ll leave the GU link here. I’m on my way to purchase it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even find some nude-color boots and a red sweater to complete my look.

By - cinnamonellie.