BT21, the super popular characters created by messaging app LINE and K-pop group BTS, keep coming back for more and more pop-up cafes, revealing new and unique menu items every time.

Their consumable forms are back again in Japan for the winter in 2019, with a limited time only cafe in Tokyo and Osaka. It seems this time we can see the extended family and friends of the usual rag-tag gang visible in the cafe’s merchandise for the first time.

Reserving ahead costs 650 yen per person, but it does come with its benefits. If you book a table online you’ll get given a random character’s multi-file.

Those who order a drink with their meal will also receive a present of an original coaster, and again, the character design you receive will be randomly selected.

BT21 Cafe Japan Menu for Winter 2019

Main Meals

Korean Burger (1490 yen)

Penne Gratin Salad Plate (1490 yen)

Cajun Chicken Plate (1490)

Double Yangnyeom Chicken Rice (1490 yen)(not pictured)


Dessert Croissant (1390 yen)

Tiramisu Pancake (1390 yen)

Chocolate Brownie Sundae (1390 yen)

Ice Cookie Sandwich (1390 yen)


As usual each character has a certain drink chosen to represent them.

Koya- Blue Hawaii jelly x soda

RJ- Apricot x milk

Shooky- Coffee jelly x milk

Mang- Blueberry jelly x soda

Chimmy- Matcha pudding x milk

Tata- Mango pudding x milk

Cooky- Peach jelly x soda

And exclusive to the take out menu is a BT21 bubble tea. It’s a strawberry milk concoction in an adorable BT21 themed bottle.

If you were scrolling through this menu wishing you could take one of the cutely designed character plates home with you, you’re in luck. Unlike previous iterations of the cafe with a character assigned to each dish, you can choose the menu item you want and choose the plate (and tiny flag). For just an extra 1000 yen, you can cop your favourite character’s plate for yourself.

If you can’t get enough of the cute critters, you’ll also want to check out the original merchandise which is exclusive to the BT21 cafe.

For the Tokyo location, you’ll be able to find the cafe in Shibuya 109’s Box Cafe and Space from 21st November to 13th January 2020 (closed on New Years Day). For Osaka, it’s inside Abeno Q’s Mall from 21st November to 13th January 2020 (closed on New Years Eve and New Years Day).

Check out the website to reserve a table or see more information!

By - Jess.