In Japan there’s so many handy storage solutions that can sort out any organisation problems one may have with incredible ease. And better yet, you can often get cute character versions of these same items, just like these adorable Pokemon hooks which allow you to hang your rogue items on their little Poke-tails.

Although Pokemon design tail hooks have been released before by Japanese shop Village Vanguard for the ‘Pokemon Tail’ series, they were previously held up by magnets, restricting their use to metallic surfaces.

But they took a different approach with the third instalment in the series, and now they fix onto your wall or furniture with ‘suction sheets’, making them much more versatile than before.

The lineup spans some of the cutest and most beloved Pokemon.

Of course, Pikachu is an option, and you can get either the male or female version. Getting both of them would make a perfect ‘his and her’s’ hook duo in your bathroom, if you’re into that heteronormative stuff.

The spirit-Pokemon of all us lazy people, Slowpoke is available too.

The mysterious Mew could hold your bathroom items for you.

The ever-popular Eevee makes an appearance.

And some of Eevee’s evolutions could be your storage saviours too.

Even if the hook gets wet, it’ll keep on holding on, making the Pokemon Tail perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you need these hooks in your life, they cost 1100 yen and can be found on the Village Vanguard online store. They also have plenty of other awesome Pokemon merchandise to check out!

By - Jess.