While Osaka's Universal Studios Japan has been providing plenty of entertainment up until now with its numerous anime-themed attractions, but for video game fans all eyes have been on the upcoming Super Nintendo World since it was announced. To recreate the nostalgic worlds imagined by the video game giant, the park has been collaborating with a team of Nintendo creative staff led by Shigeru Miyamoto himself. The finished product is said to be a two-tiered complex zone with ride attractions, interactive areas, shops and restaurants.

While teaser videos and leaked construction imagery have circulated, a new official promotional visual released to shows off some of what we can expect from Super Nintendo World.

The image teases the opposing presence of both Peach Castle and Bowser Castle, as well as a both bubbly and blocky aesthetic that perfectly captures the aesthetic of the world of Super Mario. While the area's specifics have yet to be announced, it's said that there will be interactive games based around Piranha Plants and question mark blocks, as well as attractions based on Mario Kart and Yoshi are said to be on the schedule when Super Nintendo World opens in July right before the Olympics.

Those who want keep up on the progress of Super Nintendo World may want to follow @LCASTUDIOS_USJ on Twitter, who is following the construction of the highly anticipated area.

By - Big Neko.