Inspired by traditional Japanese art and mythology, not many games are as visually arresting as Okami.

In this classic game the player takes on a unique role as Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, in the form of a white wolf. While playing through the game, they can meet a whole pantheon of Shinto gods and other figures from Japanese folklore.

Now fans can relive these memorable visuals with beautiful art created for new merchandise which is to be sold exclusively on e-Capcom, Capcom’s online Japanese store.

The designs haven’t been finalised, but rough images, including the stunning illustrations, have been unveiled so that the preorders can begin. The illustrations included in these rough images are by Shimazaki Maki (rice bowl set and tissue box), and there will also be work featured in the merchandise from Yoshimura Kenichiro (four seasons writing paper). Both these artists worked on the original game and have lent their amazing skills to brand new designs.

With the classical Japanese theme of the game, the aesthetics perfectly suit the traditional goods on offer such as tabi socks and a noren curtain.

They have announced nine new items:

-Noren (a traditional Japanese curtain)

-Rice bowl set

-Shopping bag

-Tissue box cover with Okikurumi (Oki) design

-Mens tabi socks (in collaboration with Tabio)

-Ladies tabi socks (in collaboration with Tabio)

-Four seasons writing paper

-Amaterasu fluffy sticker set

-Amaterasu stuffed toy

The merchandise can be preordered on e-Capcom now (where you can also see more of the designs) until 10th December, but they won’t be sent out until, as the press release poetically puts it, cherry blossom season, at the end of March 2020.

By - Jess.