Bauhutte, a Japanese gaming furniture and roomwear maker, is known for their flagship Damegi "wearable blanket" gaming onesie. "Dame" translates to "no-good", and "gi" to "clothing", and the name is derived from the concept of a super cozy and all-purpose gaming suit rendering a person completely useless (well, outside of playing video games). The most recent Damegi is marketed as the ultimate gaming onesie, with a perfect balance of comfort and functionality, even sporting its own toilet system.

Despite the appeal of becoming one big toasty gaming bum this winter, Bauhutte seems to have recognized that certain inconveniences may arise for people clothed head to toe in a billowy gaming onesie. Namely, having to change clothing when you need to make a run out outside for supplies unless you want to risk looking...very suspicious.

The answer to that appears to be the Damegi 4G (for gamers) Lite, which takes the original Damegi concept but loosens up its full body coverage with a poncho-style adaptation. Here it is modeled by popular cosplayer Moe Iori.

While it does come equipped with an adjustable mask, the zip-up hoodie poncho would definitely make for a less disturbing convenience store run in the middle of a gaming session.

While this version of the Damegi is lighter, it comes with much of the same functions as previous iterations, including length-adjustable sleeves, different glove positions to match what device you are using, and headphone holes--or twin-tail holes, if you'd prefer.

The Damegi 4G Lite is available on Amazon in large and extra large sizes for 9,809 yen.

By - Big Neko.