Just when you thought tissue box design peaked with squishy hamster cheeks and butt covers, along comes the 65th anniversary of Godzilla. As part of an ongoing campaign of goods celebrating the King of the Monster's 65th, including Godzilla tail ramen and kaiju sake cup labels, Premium Bandai is releasing tissue box and paper towel covers shaped like Godzilla and Baby Mothra!

The covers are available as a set of Godzilla and Mothra, although still in her larva state. The Godzilla case is intended for tissue paper boxes (dimensions W 27×D 56×H 20 centimeters) and Mothra for paper towels or kitchen paper (W 19×D 30×H 25 centimeters).

Baby Mothra Paper Towel Cover

The Mothra cover is cleverly designed so that the paper you pull from it resembles silk being sprayed from a Mothra larva.

Godzilla Tissue Paper Cover

Meanwhile, the Godzilla tissue paper is pulled from the King of the Monster's iconic spiny back.

The Godzilla and baby Mothra tissue and paper towel covers are available in Japan as a set from Premium Bandai for 4,950 yen. Kaiju fans abroad may want to take a look at their international shipping site.

By - Big Neko.