Japan has become known overseas for their many delicious and eccentric Kit Kat flavours. Some are seasonal, and others are inspired by traditional and regional Japanese specialties.

These regional Kit Kats are often only sold in the region themselves, becoming a delicious and convenient souvenir for visitors. These special chocolates always contain a traditional taste of the area by combining beloved local delicacies with the classic Kit Kat bars, like green tea for Kyoto, or melon for Hokkaido. Now it’s Sendai’s turn for a cool Kit Kat crossover.

Zunda, which is soybeans boiled and crushed into a paste then mixed with sugar, is a traditional specialty of the Sendai region, and a favourite souvenir to bring home for travellers to the area. Also lauded for its health benefits, the subtly sweet paste can usually be found in desserts like parfaits, or hidden in mochi. But another popular way to consume the beany treat is, surprisingly, in a milkshake.

The 'Zunda Shake' was popularised by Zunda Saryo, a company which offers all manner of delicious soybean paste sweets. For the iconic shake, they mix zunda with milk and vanilla flavouring for a refreshing and smooth beverage. Zunda Saryo have collaborated with Nestle to bring the distinctive taste of Zunda Shake to a Kit Kat bar.

The chocolate bean shake crossover will be achieved by adding soybean powder to the cream between the bar’s wafers, and covering it in Zunda Shake flavour chocolate.

The Kit Kats will be sold in boxes of nine ‘mini’ bars costing 800 yen from 1st December. They can be picked up in souvenir shops around Sendai airport and train station, and also in souvenir shops like Kasho Sanzen in tourist areas of Sendai.

By - Jess.