Kit Kat Japan always seems to be looking for new ways to innovate when it comes to their chocolate creations. They have a dedicated chain of shops in Japan called ‘Kit Kat Chocolatory’ where they usually debut their unique, luxury bars.

Their latest endeavour has led them to successfully create a powder from the cacao fruit’s flesh which can replace sugar in a chocolate bar.

Worldwide, not many people know about the white flesh of the cacao fruit. It surrounds the beans, which are the main ingredient of chocolate, and has a distinctive bittersweet taste.

Although some of the pulp is used in the fermentation process when making chocolate, about 70 percent of the flesh is still discarded, which is why Nestle wanted to find another use for it in order to reduce food waste and increase environmental sustainability.

Not that they are the first to think of using the cacao pulp for other means. In the cacao fruit’s native countries such as Brazil, it’s already used in drinks, smoothies and ice cream.

But in order to show a new side of the cacao fruit’s under appreciated charms, Kit Kat Chocolatory’s patisserie went to work. They discovered that the flesh can be dried and made into a powder which can be used in place of sugar in the chocolate.

The world’s first cacao fruit chocolate bar went on sale 29th November and if you want to try out this novel flavour, they can be picked up in Kit Kat Chocolatory stores (or their online shop), the Kit Kat Gift Shop or the Nestle Online Shop. An individual bar costs 400 yen, but if you're feeling extra fancy, or want a gift for a chocoholic, they also come in assorted sets of five or seven.

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By - Jess.