Digital art collective Naked are known for their grand projection mapping and interactive events.

In the past they’ve applied their skills to exhibitions like beautiful indoor cherry blossom extravaganzas, but for this project they’ve turned their projection mapping know-how to a wholly different type of digital world.

To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Capcom’s video game series Monster Hunter, Naked have been recruited to create an amazing immersive world that will put the game’s fans on their own hunting quest.

Earlier this year the exhibition was already implemented in Akihabara and received a favourable response, prompting the organisers to give us another chance to experience it in another location.

The exhibition will be called ‘The Quest’ and consist of art, videos and projection mapping, directed and produced by Naked, which will fully immerse visitors in Monster Hunter’s expansive world.

Through this 4D experience, you can feel the full majesty of the game’s monsters for yourself. Creatures from throughout the game’s series will be featured.

‘The Quest’ exhibition will reopen in Yokohama’s Asobuild (2nd floor), scheduled for February 2020. More information, including how to get tickets, will be announced on the official website and official Twitter.

By - Jess.