With feline motif goods such as cat-themed gaming earphones and giant realistic cat head cushions, Japanese oddity retailer Village Vanguard has quickly become a merchandising haven for cat lovers. You can now add makeup accessories to the growing list of kitty goods with their latest release, squishy cat paw themed makeup brushes and pouches.

The makeup brushes come in two different themed sets, one of which is a magical "Black Cat" design. The handle portion of the brush is shaped like a cat's paw, and has a squishy texture to replicate the feeling of squeezing down on a cat's toe beans.

The second set is a pink and frilly "Baby Cat" set. Each set has four large makeup brushes and seven smaller ones.

Both sets can be ordered online in Japan from Village Vanguard, priced at 15,600 yen each.

By - Big Neko.