In Japan, a gamer can find all manner of amazing video game themed cafes based off some of the country's most popular series (like the Dragon Quest takeover at the Square Enix cafe). At Ikebukuro’s Capcom Cafe they’ve been possessed with a new temporary collaboration menu inspired by various characters and motifs from the classic Devil May Cry games. Specifically, the takeover is in honour of Devil May Cry 5, the latest instalment.

Food and beverages from the last Devil May Cry collab will return once more, such as the ‘Capcom Cafe x DMC5 Plate’ and individual drinks representing a whole host of characters.

The brand new menu items consist of one main dish and two desserts.

The Devil Breaker Overture Potato Fries (880 yen plus tax) are inspired by Nero’s ‘Devil Breaker’ move which is called ‘Overture’. The fries come smothered in two different sauces, ketchup and bagna cauda.

You too can enjoy a strawberry parfait, Dante’s favourite food by ordering ‘My Strawberry Sundae’ (1100 yen plus tax).

Lastly there’s a dessert inspired by the demon king, Urizen. The nefarious usurper’s mont blanc (980 yen plus tax) is made with black cocoa and mixed berries to get that kind of 'demonic entity' look but with a much sweeter taste.

The whole menu can be seen on the Capcom Cafe’s official Twitter post shown above.

Apart from menu items there’s also plenty of Devil May Cry goods to be had. For this latest collaboration, a new item is for sale. An official Devil May Cry scent (4800 yen plus tax) inspired by Vergil’s fiercely independent and truth-seeking ways.

But these special menu items can't last forever, the Devil May Cry takeover will only last until 15th January 2020. The Capcom Cafe is located on the third floor of Q Plaza in Ikebukuro. You can reserve a table in advance on the official website.

By - Jess.