In case you are planning on visiting Tokyo, but you’re still wondering what part of it you should explore or you only have a short stay and still deciding or looking for a cool place to visit while here, then I recommend Odaiba, an artificial island situated on Tokyo Bay!

There are many places you can visit in Odaiba, but one of the top attractions you shouldn't miss is:

The celebrities’ museum Madame Tussauds

Photo by © cinnamonellie

Photo by © cinnamonellie

One of my favorites is the wax museum, located at the Decks Mall, which offers you the chance to meet and take awesome pictures with some of your favorite stars, athletes, artists or heroes.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

You can sing along famous musicians such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé, or become the drummer for X Japan, one of the most famous Japanese rock bands that ever existed. You can even stay next to great leaders like Barak Obama or take a funny picture together with Einstein, skate with Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan’s prince of Ice, be surrounded by polka dots in a room next to the avant-garde painter Yayoi Kusama, see a few Japanese celebrities such as Rola or Matsuko Deluxe, have some tea with the beautiful British actress and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, ride on a bike with Tom Cruise, play some soccer with Messi or pose with the popular sex symbol of the 50s, Marilyn Monroe.

Photo by © cinnamonellie

It is a fun experience and the museum is open from Monday to Sunday (although, working hours may differ depending on the days).

You can check the opening hours here.

Also, the official website of the Museum is here.

I visited the museum this year and it was so much fun and a one of a kind experience. I could also try out some of the outfits and get very close to the wax models to take some creative and fun pictures for either posting them on social media or printing them out. As I'm also a bit old-fashioned and grew up with photo albums, I like printing out the pictures I took and preserving them in the family photo album. Therefore, I did the same with these Tokyo memories I caught on camera.

I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Odaiba if you are in Tokyo and add Madame Tussauds to your list.

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By - cinnamonellie.